CP-E31A 3MP Wi-Fi PT Camera

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CP-E31A 3MP Wi-Fi PT Camera – 15 Mtr. 3.6mm Lens Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant



About this item
Wi-Fi Support: To eliminate the hassle of cables and switches, this camera has been wifi enabled which makes it easier and better to conduct surveillance of any closed space.
View and Talk: The most advanced feature of this surveillance device is that it can also be used as a gadget to interact with people when you are not in the same place without even having to place a call.
Motion Alert: Motion Alert technology allows you to get immediate alerts as soon a single motion is detected in the scene. This feature has reduced the effort put in surveillance by copious amounts and has eased the life of millions.
Nothing will be missed; This camera has been designed to catch everything in a room as it can be revolved completely to 360°, making it easier to just turn it or place it in any direction that requires more attention.
These cameras are revolutionizing the way surveillance is conducted in retail stores, homes, offices, hospitals, warehouses, etc because of its 360° view.


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